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Event Onam Celebrations
Venue Hindu Temple Social Hall in Omaha. For Location Click here.
Date & Time September 6th from 5:30-9:00 PM.
Contact Person Food Cordinator: Ms.Elsie Panickar.
Entertainment:Ms. Lizzy D'Souza.
Decoration:Maya Krishnan
Contributions Family is required to contribute $10/- and one(1) dish as requested by the food committee.
Each individual member is required to contribute $5/-.
Students are encouraged to make a voluntary donation or bring pop/drinks.
Event Summer Picnic
Venue Standing Bear Recreation Area (West of 132nd street between Fort and Military)
Date & Time Saturday, June 21st. The Picnic will start @ 11:30 AM and will go till about 4 PM
Contact Person Mr. Joe Mathew
Other Info

Picnic will be with a pot luck lunch at 1:00 PM with items like salad, side dishes, pop.
The entrance to the picnic area is from 132nd street, approximately 1 mile north of Fort Street.

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